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As we enter our new more controlled world of engagement there is an upside to the way we now deal with the challenges within the business arena, particularly in relation to Business Development.

For the past 15 years we have seen an astonishing growth of technologically led engagement tools that have literally enabled us to see within the soul of an organisation. This has led many to connect the challenges they see within companies with their own products and services. And so the digital and content engagement models evolved.

But we believe that the delivery of engaging content to close the loop between a need and a want has become blurred. Nothing still beats a conversation either through networking or via a phone call. With legal measures in place to deter business "cold-calling", the need to have a specific reason for making contact against being perceived as approaching a contact cold, leads us back to the very beginning of the engagement cycle. With a solid content engagement programme the need for cold approaches is negated. We are in effect contacting those with an interest.

We have always believed this return to basics would occur but, with the likelihood of meetings between prospects and clients being difficult in the short to medium-term, we are going to have to accept that a call may well be warranted via voice or video-link.

As a key driver of engagement for Digital Headway we believe that many will see the back to basics approach as a progressive step. There needs to be a reining back of repeated cold emails and a more progressive and timed use of picking the phone up.

If the global lockdown has taught us one thing it is that a voice call can be comforting. From a corporate perspective it also generates a chemistry-led understanding as to what someone needs against what someone is offering with no blurred lines.

The companies we represent understand this logic and the fact that it benefits both themselves and the clients we introduce them to. The need matched with the offering.

To expand briefly on what we offer companies within the area of Business Development.

It has always been clear that companies have always had their own unique selling points. They have also invariably had the content to send out to prospective clients. What they have lacked is that key ingredient of the follow-up.

Engagement tools are all well and good with sales funnels bursting at the seams but then comes the blockage. It is great to have the opportunities piled high but what about closing them to convert to actual business.

At Digital Headway we do just that. We are what you would call the workers at the coal-face. If a prospect has shown an interest in a product or service, even tenuously, we will speak to them, gain some clarity as to the level of interest with a grown up consultative-led call, and then bring our client back into the equation with the nuts and bolts. You could call us The Qualifiers. And that is what we do. And on a final note this also removes that legal issue over the cold-call.

We have carried out this activity for over 20 years and we do not intend stopping. It is in our DNA and will remain so for as long as there is a product and a clearly defined buyer in a related marketplace.

Digital Headway

The Digital Headway service offering:

Determining the current Business Development position:
Mapping out current approaches, what is and what is not working, what are the resources to hand and what, most importantly, are the key differentiators to offer potential new clients.

Developing the roadmap:
Taking the "what is working" element and expanding this to encompass "what is needed" when it comes to growth targets. Establishing a two-tier approach:

Tier 1: Those key prospects you want to work with and why and building a war chest of engagement tools including the use of our own network of contacts.

Tier 2: Those that will continue to act as the solid foundations for growth - the mid-sized organisations so often overlooked by new business activity that can be attracted via succinct content engagement programmes.

Establishing timelines and essential milestones:
Agree quarterly targets for New Business activity and the milestones which will act as the triggers to success. You will never hear the classic “this takes time” statement. If the roadmap is robust and clear in scope then wins should occur within the first quarter of activity. We live by our sword and die by our sword.

Determining a nurture program to ensure long-term growth:
Removing the feast and famine programs that undermine long term and effective growth. Ensuring a robust nurture structure is in place feeding through to all prospects the latest company insight. This is invariably content led information on new products, services and constantly refreshed client testimonials. This is invariably forgotten about and yet is key to ensuring prospects have you front of mind when an opportunity arises. We believe 100 prospects are 100 clients in the making. The word NO is only applied when the match is clearly not there. With our programmes the match is always there. Without that ability to match we would not be here telling our own story.

Digital Headway

You have read where we have come from, who we are, but what about the potential for us to work together?

For us it is about establishing the best framework and mix of solutions to ensure robust and sustainable Business Development and associated Growth.

Collaboration represents the true ethos of what Digital Headway is all about.

Business Development activity that delivers long term exceptional results side by side with you.

Welcome to our world.

Digital Headway
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