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We are a Digital Business Development Consultancy delivering exceptional growth for both Marketing Agencies and End-User Corporates

Digital Headway began its journey with a focus to developing a collaborative enterprise partnering with Digital enterprises offering the latest solutions to drive robust Digital Marketing Transformation and Business Development programs.

Mike Lee, MD, explains more – “I had worked and supported new business development initiatives for all size of marketing agency from the first Digital start-ups to the larger global networks. On this journey I’ve had the privilege to work with some exceptional niche creative outfits all with the usual challenges - how do I grow my business? By establishing a key framework in determining the best route to market, the right content and collateral and the methodology to engage we have created an exceptional method to drive exceptional growth for both marketing agencies and end-user clients".

Digital Headway has honed its Digital Business Development service offering down to what it sees as core areas of expertise.

Mike goes on…“We focus on what we believe are key areas within the Digital Marketing mix when it comes to Digital Transformation and related Business Growth. Driving curated content to audiences that are interested in engaging via clearly identified conversations and developing long term roadmaps to engage via nurturing.

The old approach to just engaging with a "database" of purchased contacts is now null and void. And with new EU Directives coming in to restrict cold email approaches the need to engage via old style conversations will become even more of a necessity. We know that having a listening ear approach to understanding challenges offers agencies and end clients the knowledge to engage with valuable services that match a need - rather than a cold approach with hope as the key driver.

See how Digital Headway can help you…

The Digital Headway service offering:

Determining the current Business Development position:
Mapping out current approaches, what's working and what isn't, what are the resources to hand and what, most importantly, are the key differentiators to offer potential new clients.

Developing a roadmap:
Taking the "what works" elements and expanding them to encompass "what's needed" when it comes to growth targets. Establishing a two-tier approach - Tier 1: Those key prospects you want to work with and why and building a war chest of engagement tools and Tier 2: Those that will continue to act as the solid foundations for growth - the mid-sized organisations so often overlooked by new business activity.
Establishing timelines and essential milestones:
Agree quarterly targets for New Business activity and the milestones which will act as the triggers for success

Determining a nurture program to ensure long-term growth:
Removing the feast and famine programs that affect long term and effective Business growth. Placing a robust nurture structure to ensure the latest company insight in the way of wins and what now works effectively remains at the forefront of an ever evolving and successful New Business program.

So you’ve read where we’ve come from, who we are, but what about the potential for us to work together?

For us it’s all about establishing for you the best framework to ensure robust and sustainable growth.

You start with us and continue with us.

Collaboration represents the true ethos of what Digital Headway is all about - delivering
Business Development activity that delivers long term exceptional results side by side with you and any associated resource.

Welcome to our world

To find out more on our range of Digital Business Development Programs please contact Mike Lee:

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