Welcome to Digital Headway

We are a Marketing Hub driving exceptional growth for our clients using the latest Marketing solutions

Digital Headway began its journey as one man’s dream to develop a collaborative enterprise where some really smart outfits in the marketing world could work independently and together in bringing some really innovative solutions to a crowded marketplace.

Mike Lee, MD, explains more – “I’d worked and supported new business initiatives for all size of agency from the first Digital start-ups to the larger global networks. On this journey I’ve had the privilege to work with some exceptional niche creative outfits. These now form part of what is now Digital Headway. I wanted to bring them together because, for me, there’s always been a disconnect between solutions that could potentially work so much better together whilst at the same time driving down costs”.

Digital Headway has honed its collaborative service offering down to what it sees as core areas of expertise.

Mike goes on…“We started trying to cover every base and perceived service need. Now we focus on what we believe are key future areas within the Digital Marketing world. We’ve retained a traditional marketing element because whilst we charge into ever evolving digital engagement there are still audiences that want “touch and feel” – at the end of the day we are still humans so the senses remain key to engagement.

That’s the story so far. See how Digital Headway can help you…

The Digital Headway service offering:

Website Design & Development:
Multi-platform work delivering refresh or new launch work.

Technology-led Content Marketing:
Identifying the audience, developing and engaging with relevant intuitive content through to driving exceptional tangible lead generation.

Website Optimisation & User Conversion:
Data and hypothetical validating on individual user journeys tested through AB testing – Free initial audits offered to highlight depth of expertise.

Online Reputation Management:
Ensure an online presence remains or is restored to key objectives, personal or corporate led.

Proximity Marketing:
Creation of proximity marketing plans for events, aimed at capturing people in stadiums, sports grounds, tourist locations, shopping centres and other points of purchase.

High-Quality Print Media :
Traditional direct marketing service from standard brochures to top-end luxury catalogue work, personal or commercial.

So you’ve read where we’ve come from, who we are, but what about the potential for us to work together?

For us it’s all about collaboration.

We work with you to support marketing initiatives within the services highlighted in conjunction with our partners.

The old mechanics of a Marketing consultancy coming in and devolving the relationship to disconnected external partners does not happen in our world. Who you start with is who you work with – sorry! It avoids the old problem of relationships that die on their feet because focus moves away from a strong supporting start.

Collaborations and Relationships – these represent the true ethos of what Digital Headway is about.

Welcome to our world.

For a no-nonsense conversation about a challenge you might have please reach out.

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Skype: mike.lee140

Email: contact@digitalheadway.com